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Recent articles

Marketing Memo

Pitching Business or Marketing Material to Your Audience; 2005 Murkiest Writing Contest Information (Marketing Memo, December, 2005)

New Designs for Vintage Products: WordLock Defies Modern Day Houdinis (Marketing Memo, October, 2005)

Eight Tips for Creating a More Compelling Web Site (Marketing Memo, August, 2005)

"Upside Down Marketing" Keeps Customers on the "Conveyor Belt"* (Marketing Memo, June, 2005)

The Best Market Opportunities Go to Companies That Test the Waters (Marketing Memo, April, 2005)

Peter Norton of NMS Wins Writing Contest (Marketing Memo, February, 2005)

It Was a Dark and Stormy Business Document?? (Marketing Memo, December, 2004)

"Marketing Communications and Market Research in the New Russia" (Marketing Memo, October, 2004)

"All You Ever Needed to Know about Market Research You Can Learn Hiking" (Marketing Memo, August, 2004)

"Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?" (Marketing Memo, June, 2004)

"White Papers: Infomercials That Work in IT and Beyond" (Marketing Memo April, 2004)

"Growing a B2B Business by Blending Traditional and Web Marketing Strategies" (Marketing Memo, February, 2004)

"A Team Approach to New Product Development" (Marketing Memo, December, 2003)

"What Is Good for IBM Is Good for the Country: What Field Service Can Teach R&D" (Marketing Memo, October, 2003)

"If You Thought Y2K Was Disruptive, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley May Be Worse" (Marketing Memo, August, 2003)

"Rapunzel Ousts Ethnic Barbies: International Market Research Guidelines" (Marketing Memo, June, 2003)

"PR on a Shoestring Budget" (Marketing Memo, April, 2003)

"Perils of Trading in China" (Marketing Memo, February, 2003)

"IBM Still Emerging" (Marketing Memo, December, 2002)

"A Writing Tip for Jack Welch" (Marketing Memo, October, 2002)

"Evaluating Companies When the Financials Are Unreliable" (Marketing Memo, August, 2002)

"Which Innovations Will Succeed?" (Marketing Memo, June, 2002)

"Use Success to Breed More Success" (Marketing Memo, April, 2002)

"A Viable Product or Another Clever Idea?" (Marketing Memo, February, 2002)

"Dot-com Grows by Applying Basic Business Principles" (Marketing Memo, December, 2001)

"Tracking Your Customers and Your Supply Chain" (Marketing Memo, October, 2001)

"Uncovering the Why Behind the Why" (Marketing Memo, August, 2001)

"Low Tech Customer Care Solutions" (Marketing Memo, June 2001)

"Using Precision Marketing in a Soft Economy" (Marketing Memo, April, 2001)

"Lessons Learned from Consumer Products Companies" (Marketing Memo, January, 2001)

Other Publications

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"Spying on Competitors Who Hide in Private Realm" (Mass High Tech, May 8-14, 2000)

"Marketing: Web is TV of the 2000s" (Mass High Tech, Jan. 24-30, 2000)

"Don't Let e-Commerce Keep You from Customers" (Mass High Tech, Sept. 27- Oct. 3, 1999)

"Listening to Customers" (IT Performance Improvement, August, 1999)

"Q&A: How to Build an Effective Company Web Site" (Boston Business Journal, April 9-15, 1999)

"Know Your Global Markets and Sources to Prevent Nasty Shocks" (Mass High Tech, Nov. 16-22, 1998)

"Measuring a Company's Success" (Winett Associates Memo, September, 1998)

"Using e-Mail to Advance Your Career" (IT Performance Improvement, August, 1999)

"Dissatisfied Customers Tell Nine Others Their Troubles" (Mass High Tech, March 9-15, 1998)

"Research Can Bring Foreign Lands into Focus" (Mass High Tech, Jan. 5-11, 1998)

"Concept Testing Can Help Turn Good Ideas into Reality" (Boston Business Journal, June 13-19, 1997)

"User Feedback: Rules for Computer Market Research" (Boston Business Journal, September 29- October 5, 1995)

"Thorough Research Effort May Prevent Costly Errors" (Business Marketing, November, 1994)

Hypertext/Hypermedia: Technology, Markets and Strategies

Neural Networks: Computers that Think

"Writing Tips" a twelve articles series published in Computer World

Writing With Power for DP Professionals


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