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Typical Projects

Customers, Prospects, and Competitors


Are our customers satisfied? We interviewed computer dealers and customers and reported to our client, a computer company, that customers liked its products. However, to retain customers the company had to alter certain business practices.

  What is our market share? We surveyed hundreds of companies in several industries to evaluate purchase plans for a type of human resources applications software. Our data helped our software industry client with strategic planning. Moreover, our study provided the client with marketing messages to use when making sales presentations.
  What are our competitors doing? A provider of tax preparation software learned that it had to offer Web-based services if it wished to stay competitive. With our data, the client could justify a major Web initiative.

New Markets


Should we build a new wireless business? For a telecom startup, Winett Associates interviewed telecom carriers, builders of cell towers, and other industry experts and incorporated our findings in the business plan for the new wireless business. We helped make a case for the new business and freed the client to focus on other projects.

  Does a market exist for our new cardiac monitor? Winett Associates queried doctors, nurses, and emergency medical staff, about the usefulness of the device. We explored distribution, pricing, and compatibility issues and recommended actions that could make the device viable. (To see an example click here)
  Which international markets should we enter? Winett Associates established criteria, interviewed industry players, and evaluated and rated the opportunities for a telecommunications company in 18 countries in three regions. Setting up a small office in the wrong country would have cost the company at least $300,000-$500,000 a year, not including opportunity cost.

Business Strategies


Which companies should we consider acquiring? A Web design company wanted to acquire a company that met specific criteria. Using proprietary information sources, we identified and screened qualified candidates, sparing the client months of effort and the awkwardness of approaching companies that did not want to be acquired.

  What does it take to compete in a specific market? An IT market research company commissioned a comprehensive study of authoring and rich media software. We profiled leading vendors and their main products and analyzed the impact of open source software on this market. Using trend information and historical data, we created a five-year market forecast that helped vendors with strategic planning.


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