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Marketing Viewpoint by Ruth Winett

Would You Fill Your Own Teeth?
The Problem with In-house Solutions


Do you recognize this scenario? An overly confident homeowner spends several hours fruitlessly struggling to stop a leak or disconnect a hard-wired electric box.


With frustration and embarrassment, he or she eventually engages a professional and may have to pay a premium if it is a weekend!


Like the frustrated homeowner, companies try to save money by using homegrown solutions. Homegrown solutions may not pay because professionals:

  • Have experience working with customers with similar challenges.

When inexperienced people launch surveys for their companies, they often ask the wrong question of the wrong people. Then, they draw unsupported conclusions from the data. A marketing research company knows how ask questions that provide the information their clients need and how to analyze the data.

  • Use standard methods and materials, making it easier to perform maintenance.

Jury-rigged solutions may work in the short-run. However, when the employee who set up the solution leaves, no one will know how to perform maintenance-- whether it's electrical wires or software applications that need fixing.

  • Have access to resources that are not available to outsiders.

Every industry has conferences and trade publications that provide information on the latest trends and methods.

  • Are cost effective.

Professionals have access to better sources and pricing for materials and equipment needed to complete projects. Moreover, while the professionals are working, employees can do their "real" work.

  • Provide safe, secure solutions.

Inexperienced employees working on special computer or even wiring issues can expose companies to risks including data breaches and electrical fires. Templates for business contracts are available on the internet, but a lawyer who understands the nuances of the law and the company's unique circumstances will provide better protection.

  • Are usually faster!

Professional web designers will have your new customer portal up and running faster than someone from marketing who first has to learn how to do the job and who has other responsibilities, as well.

No one tries to fill his or her own teeth, and most people don't attempt to defend themselves in court cases. When your company has a special problem to solve or task to complete that is beyond the expertise of employees, engage a professional.


A Happy and Healthy 2016!


Copyright © 12/15 Ruth Winett. All rights reserved.


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