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Marketing Viewpoint by Ruth Winett

Tips for Creating Evergreen Content


Increasingly, people rely on informative content, not advertisements, to learn about companies and products. As a result, 52 percent of B2B senior marketers plan to spend more than half of their 2015 budgets on digital content, up from 36 percent in 2014, according to a Regalix Study.


Content with Staying Power


To get the most mileage out of your digital content, include high quality evergreen content, or content that


  • Remains relevant long after publication, such as how to choose a public relations agency.
  • Has broad appeal, for instance how to write a white paper.
  • Has many uses, such as a short company history.
  • Is optimized for searching.

The first type of evergreen content describes experiences:

  • "Origin Story" - How and why you started your company and the value your product or service provides. Family businesses and many other businesses have compelling origin stories.
  • "Journey Story" - How you got to where you are and some of your challenges and rewards. "[Journey stories promote] trust, authenticity and appreciation of your brand."
  • "Biggest Mistake" - Lessons learned by your company or a similar company.
  • "Highest Achievement" - Examples are launching a product or winning an award. Unlike a news story, the evergreen story"' focuses on the experience, not the event,'" which is time-bound.

The second type of evergreen content provides information:

  • "The How to." Use how to content to attract new people who are learning about the industry and to help more experienced people gain or reinforce skills.
  • "The Top Ten List." Keep the lists relevant by frequently updating them.
  • "Best Practices [and] changes in best practices." Choose practices that are important to a variety of companies, such as the best ways to obtain customer feedback.

"Content is the voice of your brand, and it is therefore important to allocate the respect, investment, and focus it requires," claims James Keady, digital marketing manager for McLaren Automotive in the UK.

To maximize marketing dollars, create and post digital content that will continue to be relevant for some time. To create effective evergreen content, you must identify your audience and know what information they need. If your audience consists of several segments, you may need different content for each segment.

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