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Check Out Some New Search Engines; Banish Management Speak
(Marketing Memo, October, 2007)

How do you locate spam blocker files, find former colleagues, or identify online videos to use in presentations? Here are a few web sites* that will help you on the job, followed by some buzzwords to avoid using in your documents and presentations: and download files from file sharing sites and file uploading sites. For instance, you can find a site that will host your web site, let you upload special fonts, or allow you to upload spam blocker files. personal and professional acquaintances. Take advantage of the 24-hour free membership offer. (beta site)-Watch history unfold. See a video on how the launching of the iPhone affected the stock market. Watch Leon Trotsky defending himself during his trial. (beta site)-Visualize search results. View images, videos, news, and blogs aggregated from different web sites. To view Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night and learn more about the troubled painter, click on the Van Gogh mashup in the searchCrystal widget on the bottom of the home page. A "mashup" integrates content from several web sources. A "widget" is an icon, button, or dialog box that lets users interface with applications or operating systems.

*Hickins, M. (2007, September). "Ten Search Engines You've Never Heard of and Can't Live Without" from,1206,pg=0&s=26782&a=214987,00.asp.


An unintended consequence of globalization is that people on "both sides of the pond" resort to "management speak" or "marketing speak" in order "to disguise the fact that they haven't done their job[s] properly…," claims a UK survey.** Here are some phrases to banish from your documents and presentations:

Ballpark figure
Be proactive not reactive
Bring to the table
Client focus
Core competencies
Knowledge base
Long tail
Mission critical
Move the goalpost
Paradigm shift
Pushing the envelope
Take it to the next level
There is no 'I' in team
Think outside the box
Win-win situation

** and

Last week I heard a new expression, "What is your ask?" What new expressions have you heard? Email examples of management speak, and send the URLs of some of the web sites that help you do your job.

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